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KLIMAX: BRAND NEW PODCAST www.reggaeradio.it Title: KLIMAX http://www.reggaeradio.it/klimax-radio-show/ Podcast alongside Giki Delay from TOUGHEST SOUND #reggae #talk #corner #djstyle on Reggaeradio.it Flatbush x Denja Drum Club: one hour concept show of black music culture http://www.reggaeradio.it/show/flatbush/ Mixnami: one hour of exclusive mixtape powered by http://www.reggaeradio.it/show/mixnami/ Jacoustic: live show concept in different spaces supporting local reggae music http://www.reggaeradio.it/jacoustic-live-acoustic-radio-show/ Podcast: https://www.mixcloud.com/flatbush/   on Milano...

The Toughest Sound project From more than 10 years Toughest Sound System, based in Pavia and founded by Riccardo GIKI Delay, is a reggae sound which spread culture, music, love and respect. Organized to promote gigs and artist and to propose entertainment and sound system culture with...

Gyal powder is a personal feature focused on female artists black music related. Web editing, online magazine, content editor, creative writing, journalism....