HBC | small the wonder | Dopin’ With vitomanoloroma (What’s Yours?)
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Dopin’ With vitomanoloroma (What’s Yours?)

Dopin’ With vitomanoloroma (What’s Yours?)

13 DIC to 25 JAN 2020
Galleria 206, via dei mille 206, Bari

thursday-sunday 18.00-21.21
vernice venerdì 13 dicembre, 19.00-24.00
private view on-demand +393282280041

Vito is a beatnik from the future. An undercurrent noise that we neither can not want to
escape. The joy of work he carries around is contagious. In his images, his strokes speak
the unforgotten language of psychedelia, in a continuous interplay of inside and outside,
of real and unreal that over-stimulates our synapsis. In the portraits on show at this
exhibition/installation, conspicuously entitled “Dopin’ with vitomanoloroma (what’s yours?)”,
we see his skill at reproducing reality out of multiple perspectives and to the rhythm
of music. If art’s power is its ability to offer us a way of looking at things together, then we
must not forget that beauty needs levity, grace, vagueness, intensity and energy.

Giacomo Spazio